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    Apr 19, 2011
    I set 42 eggs three+ weeks ago. Only 10 of them hatched, and out of the 10 I have only 5 left. And two of those will be dead by tonight. I don't know what happened. I kept the incubator on 99.5 degrees, kept water in it, had an automatic turner, took the turner out at the last three days, kept a heat lamp on them, food and water for them............what did I do wrong?? Do I need to worry about tainted eggs? or disease? bacteria?

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    Apr 18, 2009
    [​IMG] You will find a wealth of knowledge here.

    There is no way to know what went wrong in your specific case.. read read read.

    Look at EVERYTHING.

    temp, bedding, food, environment, etc.

    what kind of bedding were they on?

    did they ever eat and drink?

    were they acting too cold or too hot?

    were they quiet and content, or making noise?

    what type of brooder did you have?

    where was it located?

    was it drafty, or around noxious odors (like in a garage) ?

    And even after all that, sometimes you will never know .... [​IMG]

    Sorry for your loss .. try try again.

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