Dead eggs?

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    Apr 20, 2013
    I left for a day to go sell some birds and came back to see the humidity drop out in my incubator to 30%. I put water in and The heat spiked to 104, so I took the lid off and fought for a few hours to get it down. Two days later I candle the duck eggs and all the glowing red veins look Brown and there's a horrid smell. One was definitely dead. Right as I am about to do a recheck my bulb burned out. I tried using my other flashlight but it's not very easy and the veins still look Brown to me. Did they all die? Should I just leave them alone in case I'm wrong?
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    The humidity dropping to 30% isn't an issue. Many of us incubate at 30% as a norm. The 104F could be an issue depending on how long they were at that temps. I'd leave them and only pull anything that stinks and recheck when you have a better light.
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