Dead hen and now a pullet

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    Jul 23, 2011

    I just strated with chickens this year, and between the foxes, coyotes and dogs I have bought over 20 birds and have 9 left. The newest problem is I had bought two older (unknown age, but laying) birds from a guy, both were laying earlier, one the fox got, the other got slowly ratty looking, comb went pale, gradulally got lethargic and died, I dont know when she was hatched so I assumed it was natural. I tried to deworm her, with no results. and I tried a 2 day shot tylan 50.

    Three weeks ago I opened the coop door to find a hen face down on the floor, laboring to breath, I gave her two shots of tylan, and a dewormer that was recomended here, within a week she was good as new,,,,7 days later the local dogs got 6 of them, and she was one of them

    Today I went out and one of my 15 week old black pendesenca chicks was dead in the coop looks like she just fell off the perch at night?,,,she was smaller than the rest of the flock but there was no visible signs of injury.,, I've had that happen with the smaller ones. (bullying)

    I am wondering if something is going on?, how do I figure it out?,,,and what can I do to stop it?,,,,,,antibiotics in the water?,,,not sure what I would be treating

    I am only getting 1 egg every other day from 13 hens and one rooster, this is starting to become a chore

    any help is appreciated,,,,,,,Joe
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    Have you checked the symtoms of Marecks with the birds? It can affect each one a little differently. I had gotten soe chicks from a guy a couple of years ago(thank goodness thet were in the garage away from my other birds), little by little they all died. It took me a few weeks to realize that it was Marecks because all of them displayed different symptoms from listlessness to partial paralysis. 2 just died in the night like this chick of yours with no symptoms.
    Not trying to scare you, but just a thought.
  3. jakell2010

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    Jul 23, 2011
    What do I do for marecks,,,,,,it like this big specter ,,,I don't know what it is or what I can do
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    Once you have Mareks...ho a herpes virus that (anyone who can correct my humble information please do so) effects chickens. There are different strains of the virus, some affecting the legs thus causing leg paralysis, ocular Mareks affects the eye (Oddly shaped pupil, grey eye, blindness), and about three others??? I'm sure there are five strains. And also, if your chickens seem to have a lot of dander floating around and flying off of them that can also be a sign.
    The disease pretty much lies dormant in every chickens system. Lurking, waiting for the right moment when the immune system is down. Then, it attacks. a very oppurtunistic disease if you ask me.
    Seminolewind is very helpful I have noticed, you could PM him/her and ask about it.
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    It seems like you are losing more chickens to hungry animals than a disease.

    Wooing, you are so right about the dander! I now panic when I see it.

    There's not enough information here to say it appears to be Marek's. With Marek's you will most likely see a chicken deteriorate over days or weeks rather than just find them dead. There's no cure for Marek's. There's only a vaccine that may prevent them from dying if given at day 1 of life. The only way to know is to send a dead chicken to a lab following their directions.

    With introducing other chickens into your flock, you could include Marek's as one of the reasons, Wooing and Lovemygoats have listed some good symptoms here.

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