Dead Hen. Rooster acting wierd??? Bright Green Poop?? Cocci?

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    May 3, 2010
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    Ugh!!!!! I had posted in the coop area about my chicken dead and wondering if i should clean out the coop.... well now I think they could be sick. My rooster is not crowing (he does it all day long). He is moving slow like he is confused and the girls are pecking him and he just cries out and doesnt do anything. I was out with them checking them over and he took this bright green poop. (my kids were feeding them grass yesterday?) His poop yesterday was pretty watery, not sure what that means. I looked around the run and saw what looked like bloody poop on the ramp, it wasnt there yesterday.

    I treated my little 4 for cocci a few days after i got them, but they were in Quar. for over a month before i moved their cage down to the coop. I have been letting a few out to free range supervised a bit here and there, but I havent let the rooster out? I just put some corrid in their water (all of there waterers).

    Does it sound like Cocci? Do i get rid of yesterdays eggs (all the girls laid) or just from here out? Could it be anything else?
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    out this link. Warning, it's graphic.

    What you saw may have been normal shedding of intestinal lining, which looks like a little bloodiness in the poop. It's completely normal and nothing to be alarmed about.

    Watery poop usually means they were drinking a lot of water - possible because it was hot outside.

    The green poop, as you said, is probably just because they were eating grass.

    We don't have a lot of information about your rooster here, but if he's sluggish, and he wasn't sluggish yesterday, i would consider whether he's having a crop problem or if he's showing any respiratory symptoms: runny nose, runny eyes, gurgley breathing, etc.

    See if you can do an exam on him and tell us if anything stands out to you as looking different than normal.

    Hope your boy is ok!
  3. nuttyredhead

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    May 3, 2010
    Southern NH
    THanks for your response. My Roo (and the girl who died) are 23 weeks old. I checked out Scooby tonight, no mites, doesnt seem to bea crop problem. I will do a little more research on that though, and make sure i know what Im really looking for! He is definetly a bit lethargic, he let me pic him up with no issues and pet him. Poop was extremely red, and then from then on it was all water, It isnt hot here. The girls are pecking at his back and it is starting to show. I kept them away from him tonight, noew they are all up on there roosts and he was sleeping when i checked on them. I guess in reading it, it doesnt sound like alot to go on. I will keep watching them all.

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