Dead hen with weird granulated liver WARNING GRAPHIC PIC

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    This morning I found one of my hens keeled over in her pen. Her body was right under a favorite roosting spot and her neck felt floppy, so I assumed she'd fallen for some reason, perhaps jostled off by one of her flock, and since it had been a cold night and it was early morning, I thought I'd butcher her and feed her to the dogs. Waste not want not, and all that! But when I eviscerated her, I didn't see her liver. I pulled out everything in the abdominal cavity and thought I had accidentally snagged a bit of her lungs, because I saw several small, very bloody, mottled blobs of reddish purple mushy stuff. Turns out the lungs were fine, and those mushy falling-apart blobs turned out to be the liver, but not like any liver I've ever seen before--big flattened lobes of smooth dark brown tissue. Looking more closely, I saw that what I'd first interpreted as mottling was really a sort of granulation, each 1/2 mm granule stuck to all the others in a large mass, looking almost like the tiny eggs awaiting laying. I'll try and attach a photo of the liver along with one lung and the heart, just for reference. [WARNING: GRAPHIC!!!

    What the heck? What on earth happened to my poor hen's liver? Anyone ever seen anything like this before? What would cause such a thing? Can I do anything to prevent repeats? Should I quarantine the rest of the flock? Should I throw out the hen's remains, or is it probably safe to feed to my dogs?

    Thanks for the help!
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