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    ever have a chicken just up and die? I came home from work and one of my hands was just laying there as if she tipped over and died. She was 2 1/2, seemingly healthy, regular egg layer, seemed perky. The end of the ramp from the chicken coop is by their waterer. She was there. I keep my Coupe pretty clean. I pick out the poo once or twice a week and clean waterers as much. It's not overly clean but it's not nasty. Any ideas?

    She was in the run because that's where they are during the day until I come home from work. Then they get to free range. I am thinking either some natural cause or possibly she got into something she should not have while she was free ranging yesterday?
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    Sorry for your loss. Did you notice anything unusual? If you still have her body, I would refrigerate it, but not freeze it. A necropsy can be performed by yourself to look at her abdominal organs to see if there was infection, check the color of the liver, look for gizzard or crop impaction, note the condition of the intestines, and other organs. You also could get the state vet to do a thorough one with testing to get a diagnosis. If you do it yourself, take pictures and we can help with answers. Here is a link to finding your state vet:

    There are other articles about necropsies, but here is one you can look at if needed: necropsy manual 02008.pdf
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