Dead horrible smelling egg

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    Nov 27, 2014
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    So when I got up this morning I could smell this god awful smell permeating through my house but could not find it, kinda assumed my cat must have gotten a rat or mouse and hid it somewhere, she is fun like that NOT.

    Anyway I went to do the water check and as soon as I lifted the lid on my incubator I nearly vomited the smell was so horrendous, So I carefully went through every egg candling, sniffing and finally found the culprit. Im quite upset about it because it was one of the Frizzle eggs, I got 6, 2 were infertile, 1 has now died, 1 will probably die because it has Twins in it, so in reality I now have 2 left not including the Twins.

    So I took the egg outside and being the curious person I am I wanted to know what had happened so I went to crack it and placed it in a container and as soon as the bottom touched the container it exploded. There was a green ooze, the yolk had exploded and there was a red blob sorta like a bean about the size of a thumb fingernail. Other than that I couldn't see anything else, it is day 9 now and yesterday I candled all of the frizzles to check on the Twins and make sure there were no other problems with them, it appeared to be moving and there was no smell.

    How could it go so bad so quick?

    Also what are the likely causes of it dying at this age and being green?

    Should I clean my incubator? it didn't leak in there or anything but the smell is still there and I don't want anything to happen to the others. I checked all the eggs to make sure there were no other dead ones and they are all alive, the smell is just in the incubator.
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    Jan 10, 2014
    It could not possibly have gotten that way in 1 day. It takes time for them to get that rotten and stinky, I would imagine this egg was bad when placed in the incubator and the changes it went thru while spoiling and getting rotten just mimicked the changes we see with growth. A member in the Peafowl section incubated an egg for over 3 weeks, convinced it was growing and developing, she even thought she heard noises from it and then it started to ooze green fluid, it was like yours. They can really fool us sometimes. I hope the others do well for you and I am just thankful you got the bad one out before it exploded in your bator, which would have killed the others for sure.

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