Dead Plymouth Rock found this AM...


9 Years
May 10, 2010
I found one of my Plymouth Rocks dead in the coop this morning.
We're in Denver Colorado and while it was cold last night it wasn't as cold as many, many other nights. She went down like every other night with the other 3 chickens we have with no sign of illness, disease or injury. When my wife and I went to tend to them at 6 this morning she was dead.
Her body was still soft so I guess she died sometime just after their light came on in the coop. I noticed some peck marks in the water...which had frozen and some blood in and around her beak.
My suspicion is that she pecked so hard at her water she injured her neck...fatally.
Other than that does anyone have ideas on what could have happened?
We're new to this...these are our first backyard chx. Should I take her to the vet? We change out the water several times a day to insure that they have liquid to drink. While I understand there are water warmers available, we've been told that if we give them fresh water in the morning warmers are kind of overkill in a small coop.
Please shed some light on what we're seeing here.
Sad in Denver.

steve & lizzy


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Jul 20, 2010
N. Georgia
Sorry about your chicken :( That's never fun to wake up to.

I've been keeping my girls' water in the run. I plug in a lightbulb on an extension cord and drape it over a concrete block then set the waterer on top of that. It doesn't get too hot but keeps the water from freezing.

I've lost a chicken for no apparent reason. We took her to our state poultry vet (who lives about 2 minutes away thankfully) who did a necropsy. She had died of a ruptured liver.

Good luck to you :)


Dances with Chickens
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Feb 24, 2009
Strasburg Ohio
Surely seems like there may have been some type of injury with the blood in and around the beak like that....

That's a real mystery. Does her neck look like it could have been broken?

Could a predator have done that?

Occasionally, a chicken will have a stroke or heart attack and then die quite suddenly....That's a possibility, although I'm not sure you would see blood in the beak with that.....

If you wanted to, you could take it to a vet and get a necropsy.....I'm sure it would be costly though.

So sorry you lost a hen. Sometimes this happens and you never truly find out why.

Take care,


9 Years
May 10, 2010
I think we got them from a catalog called Murray McMurray Hatchery.
Try their website at
They come in small cardboard boxes as 2-3 day old chicks...peeep peeep peeeping as they're delivered by the mailman.
If you don't already have chickens...just be sure you're planning on a sufficiently sized coop the minute they arrive. Smaller containers
will work at first but once they get 6-8 weeks old they need more space. If your coop is ready by that time you'll be OK> but if you START
at that age you'll have a hard time keeping up with their growth and space and cover needs.

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