Dead quail looking for ideas on cause of death

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Kakekoko, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. Kakekoko

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    Dec 10, 2016
    Hi Everyone,

    We had six quail and a few months ago one started to go in circles some. She seemed healthy otherwise. We added apple cider vinegar and probiotics to the water in case it would help her if she was sick. A week or so ago, we noticed she was sleeping with the other bobwhites but her head was totally tucked under her neck. She started to circle more and faster but we saw her eating. We keep the quail outside in NJ and they are in an A frame coup on the grass. We move the cage every 2-3 weeks so it is not really dirty in there. As it is getting cold here now, she seemed to be looking weird with her feathers puffed up on her head and neck. A few days ago, we found her dead in the cage. No signs of anything unusual to the body. Does anyone know what might have been the cause of her death? The other five look great.

    We are thinking some kind of head injury or problem.

    Thanks for any ideas we are new to keeping birds and we are just learning.
  2. dragonthehunter

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    Mar 8, 2016
    New brunswick Canada
    I know that when mice run in circles it means they have an ear infection maybe something similar to that?
  3. Binki

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    Jul 9, 2015
    Ontario, Canada
    I would think head injury as well - wasn't severe enough to kill at the time :eek:

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