Dead Rooster


11 Years
Mar 22, 2008
Western Kentucky
I had a had O.E. game cock and his girl in a elevated pen up off the ground. It has 2X4 wire 2x4 wood floor. When I went to feed yesterday the hen was looked in the dog crate I had in there for here to lay in I guess while everthing was going on she got in there to get away from whatever was in the cage and the door got nocked down so she was safe. But my pretty rooster was dead with no head and there was blood everywhere. Looks like the rooster was running arond in there while bleding out. What could have done it? I am thinking weasel or mink. What do you think. Noting else could have got in there. The wire and floor are still in good shape.
ooooo that must have been ugly
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Bad news Josh.

I agree. Coon. He will return. Set a havahart trap and bait it with marshmallows. Stake it down well. I too did welded wire and then chicken wire all around at ground level to keep mine from poking their heads thru. Best if it is hardware cloth tho. Coons can reach even thru chicken wire and can rip it apart. Not so for hardware cloth mesh. I did a fence charger even tho mine is set in cement, to discourage climbers.
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