Dead silkie!!

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    Oct 20, 2014
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    Hello all,

    This morning I went to check on my silkies and found my sizzle chicken (curly) dead. She has been losing her feathers the last couple weeks but assumed it was molting because she turned two years old around Easter. She seemed to be eating fine, alert and being part of the flock as usual.

    All three of my hens have been broody lately and actually hatched 4 chicks that we have allowed to stay in the coop with them. They have all been great mothers, forming circles around the chicks to keep them warm and safe. However, two days ago we did lose a baby to a hawk when we let them free range with mommas.

    I checked her body for any wounds thinking the hawk may have gotten her too but couldn't find anything. The rest of the flock seems healthy, one other hen has lost a few feathers but she is also around 2 yrs old. It did get cold last night, around 30 degrees but they survived the whole Colorado winter.

    Any ideas??

    This is my fourth year having chickens but this is my first death besides attacks.


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