Dead turkey


Aug 29, 2018
hi there, we had 9 B.B. turkeys. A few days ago, I saw all of my birds eating, drinking, and playing around like normal. When my wife came home from work 3 hours later, our biggest Tom was flipped over on its back dead in the back of the coop. It looks similar to what I have read about meat chickens getting “flipping disease” or a heart attack. Any clue on what happened to our poor Tom?
I had a BB x Narragansett tom have a heart attack right in front of me. Not pretty. His head turned bright red and he was panting. I picked him up to calm him (not knowing what was the matter), he did for a short period, but when I set him down he did the run around and flop for about 30 seconds then died. Nice boy too.

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