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Sep 19, 2010
Well I bought some breeder serama eggs (32 when I weeded out broken ones) and I had a trip come up unexpectedly and the eggs came the day before I left. After I let them sit from shipping I put them in the incubator. Before I left I noticed that the temp. was a little low so I turned it up and asked my brother to come and make sure the temp. was good. I get a text that says he got the temp down to 108 from 110 and that it was now at 99.5. the humidity was pretty good though. So the question is-if my eggs were at such a high temp for a good portion of their first day in the bator should I consider them dead? I haven't taken them out or anything and the temp has been steady and so has humidity for two days after that but does anyone think they even have a chance of living? Have any of anyone elses hatched after a similar accident. This is my first chicken hatch and it would be terrible if already on day 1 they were all goners...
If the inside of the eggs reached 110, its over. If the mistake was corrected in time, maybe a few will make it. I would leave them alone and candle them in a few days. As for incubating while you are on vacation, it can't be done. Successful incubation requires planning, vigilance, adjustments. IMO, you wasted the money on those eggs. Buy day old chicks if you can't sit by the incubator waiting and worrying. All that stress makes it fun, lol.
I would normally never leave after starting an incubation or adjust the temp I was just worried about it being so low but it does take a while to heat up so Im hoping for the best and since I was only gone for 2 days and am now here to be on constant vigilence I hope some pull through
^thank you, candled them today and think I saw some viens so Im hoping for the best

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