Deadly Broody Silkie Feathers


10 Years
May 19, 2009
My Silkie Phyllis is broody for the second time. Last year, I gave her 5 EE's to raise, and she did a great job. This year, she received 5 Serama chicks, and it has been disaster! Two have died for various reasons, but I just lost one to strangulation. She got her neck wrapped up in the fluffy feathers, and that was that! I caught it happening three other times so far, but I got the chicks unwrapped before their demise. The kids are three weeks old now, so they're not weak and helpless. I was giving my neices the coop tour the other day, and we were playing with Phyllis' chicks. We went outside and came back in a few minutes later. That fast, there was a dead chick stuck to her leg! I have since trimmed her up, but I have never heard of this problem from anyone else.

Bat Cave Silkies

9 Years
Feb 11, 2010
Bat Cave, NC
So sorry for your loss.

Whenever possible, I let my broodies set & hatch my eggs. All I have are Silkies, and one black Cochin bantam hen. NEVER have I had the problem that you mentioned. I hope the trimming you did solves your problem.

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