Deadly neck wiggle situation

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    Last week I had (maybe 6 month old?) guinea hen go from being perfectly normal, to staying a little puffed up for a couple of days to looking a little lethargic and doing a slight neck "s curve" wiggle in about 3 days. By the fourth day the neck wiggle got to be pretty violent and it seemed to me like she was having trouble getting food down because of something going on with her crop or neck. As soon as I saw the slight neck wiggle on that first day I started massaging her crop to see if something was impacted or if she had sour crop. I did get a couple of smelly burps out of her but she felt empty otherwise. Today I noticed another young hen doing a slight neck wiggle. Any advice? I should mention that the first hen died by the end of the week. [​IMG]

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    I'm not familiar with guinea fowl, but you might also want to post on the guinea fowl thread here:
    A lot of things can cause wry neck or neurological symptoms in poultry, such a head injury, dehydration, vitamin deficiency, and infectious diseases. Hopefully someone else could offer more help.
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    Wow. I haven't heard of anything like this before. Typically when my chickens do something simialar to this, as soon as they drink something they are fine. Obviously, they're chickens, so it could be different for guineas [​IMG]
    Depending on how long it has been since she died (24 hrs max), you need to take her in to your state vet lab to have her autopsied. You should do this whenever a bird dies of an unknown disease, although it can definitely go out of price range if you need several birds done. I try to only drive the two hours to my state lab if more than one bird is acting sick, and since you've got another sickie... if she dies you should drive her in. Here is a link to all the state vet labs and stuff:
    It's for chickens originally, but if you call them and let them know you're bringing in a dead - anything - that you want autopsied, they should be able to do it. For me it costs about $150.
    Good luck!

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