Dealing with the summer heat????

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    I have been seeing some posts here about chickens getting heat stroke and even some dieing from it. In some cases, as I just read this morning in the "quail" section that the temps were 80 degrees and that they had lost a hen.

    It has been 80 degrees plus around here for the past week. My 3 month olds have been panting, along with my quail, however they have plenty of shade which I hose down each morning to keep cool, (evaporation process of our dry New Mexico air), I keep their water changed and cool all day and even a tray of cool water if they so desire to get into.

    Should I be worried about my young girls now? I would hate to lose any of my new babies. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Sounds like your doing everything right. Making sure they have a shady place and cool drinking water, is about all you can do, and you don't have the humidity which makes the heat worse, I also run fans in my coops 24/7 We have to remember that some breeds don't do well in extremely hot climates as others don't in extremely cold, and purchase that way. All the best.
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    We are in the 90s and some days over 100. I keep a fan going on near their pen and twice in the afternoon I take a glass baking pan filled with ice, with frozen chopped veggies sprinkled on top..they get a lot of use out of that.
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    I have the shallow rubbermaid under bed totes that i place frozen 1L water bottles in

    I cover the bottles with a mixture of play sand and DE.. the bottles keep the sand cool and fight bugs at the same time.. they will dust bath in that all day... I have 8 bottles i will put 4 out at about noon and switch them out at about 5pm.

    I hose them off at night and all 8 go back into my chest freezer. i place them into a bigger rubbermaid so that any dirt thats not hosed off does not get in my freezer.

    have a large freezer so this may not be suitable for everyone.

    their outside waterer .. I will fill it 1/2 way with ice and the rest with water in the morning

    and then there is my daughters wading pool i have caught them in a few times dipping their feet..LOL

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