Dear Experts of Birds


Nov 9, 2020
Northwestern MT, US
Merry Christmas to my dear Experts of Birds,

How is it that with your amazing knowledge and expert eye, that you can tell me the entire genome of that peafowl you spotted 400 meters away, that spectacular bronze black-shoulder Indian peahen?
Or that chicken, with her beautiful golden eyes and shiny hackle feathers, as being the cross of a Buckeye and that one breed of chicken that great grandma Maurice told of seeing in her youngest days and should’ve been extinct 200 years ago?
It must be some gift of some higher power, or you must be freaks of nature, because how could someone like I, who scrolled the internet for a full day, not know about this?
I hope your holidays are full of joy and cheer.

A Jealous Amateur Aviculturist
Christmas greetings to also.. :love ...
The peeps that have these expert eyes, trained them having such birds in their flocks. If you posted a pix of a chicken that looked exactly like one of mine,,,,,,,,, then I can give you a good idea what it is.
As of todays' moment, there are 428,289 members on this BYC forum. Not all are daily visitors, and some are not very active. They may not post, but may be reading posts. There still are very many that are active. Such a large volume of members, and chances of finding an answer to a question,,, are pretty good.
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and:welcome

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