Dear Senator: Senate Bill S510

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    Dear Senator Barrasso,

    I'm writing to oppose Senate Bill S510 the "Food Safety Modernization Act" The short sight of this bill is not remotely important enough to merit the loss of freedoms and modest business for small farmers, and as it continues, the affect written on the walls with respect to agriculture, and the real long term safety of our food source and cost is grave.

    I find it incredibly ironic that the bill is titled the "Food Safety Modernization Act", when in fact, safety on a national scale could not be more distant from the actual safety ramifications should it pass... (not to mention economic ramifications - local and national) Should , Heaven forbid, something terrible befall this country, our protection is going to come from the diversity of it's citizens, and their empowerment, not from the removal of right.

    Also, put simply, I don't want a hollow law to tell me that I have to be forced by the economy it creates, to buy produce and seeds from Mexico, where there is (ironically) little or no regulation regarding chemical and pesticide use, ridiculous necessity of transport, and no economic return to my community or my state... rather than having the right to buy it from a small local neighbor farmer who I may know, who grew the produce by his own pride and hard work, and will put the money I spend with him back into our community. Too much legislation truly stumps proper and safe business - especially in this case.

    Farmers have been selling their wares since we began tilling this country, and raising flocks and herds - has there been a rumor or an underlying fear of substandard goods? It has always been the benchmark of quality - especially with small farmers with limited numbers of goods they make available for sell to their communities and their regions after feeding their own families - Indeed their very survival depends on the care, quality and perfection of their produce. I can't see how this logic can be founded (and funded) by anything but big business... how does succumbing to big business, (rather than supporting the multipliers of small business) help Wyoming - or help this country?

    There is safety in diversity - this is how stashes of seeds remain safe and available... in the hands of the numbers of citizens who know what to do with them - who pass this knowledge and heritage along generation to generation. This bill, attacking small farmers, will surely destroy this - not to mention what it does to a simpler intangible pride of heritage.

    Enough is enough already. Please please oppose this sort of legislation designed with the arrogant assumption that a lower general IQ than exists merits a need for it to protect us from ourselves, while removing far too many elements of a cornerstone of free market economy, of long term diversity that allows for TRUE food safety with regard to homeland security (Homeland that Government often seems to forget is made up of free willed intelligent and capable individuals... not the blanket concept borne of a need to parent), and a bill that honestly walks in an absence of clear minded right and reasonability. Thank you as always for your hard work on behalf of Wyoming!
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    Great letter!! [​IMG]
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    May I please plagiarize this? With small changes to make it pertinent to my state? (Wouldn't actually be plagiarism if I had permission)

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