Death of a child

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    Apr 13, 2011
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    Tomorrow will be the third anniversary of the death of my youngest child, Justin. Justin was only 19 years old when he was killed by a drunk driver in Las Vegas, Nevada. I must tell you that as a teenager Justin was a pain in the butt and could aggrevate his mother and me to no end. He had dropped out of school (he said he just was not ready) to take a menial construction job in Las Vegas. I know that only those of you who have lost a child know that you never get over it but you do learn to go on. Last week Justin's grandfather on his mother's side succumbed to lung cancer and his very last words were that he only hopes there is a heaven so that he could see Justin one last time.

    I am not posting this because I want or need anyone's sympathies, "sorry for your loss", etc as I am well beyound there and would encourage you to refrain. My reason for posting this is like a small memorial to his memory. One of many that I try to do every year and throughout the years. I feel strongly that a loved one lives on only through the memories of the people left behind and if by some slight chance there is something like a heaven then he will know that we remember him and miss him.
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    My youngest son, Justin, will turn 18 in April. In many ways, he is a late bloomer. He is also intellectual.

    He has chosen no drinking / no smoking. He is also probably years away from wanting a driver's license. He knows he is immature in many ways, and has no desire to be responsible and independant.

    Raised without a father in a family of more achievement-oriented college women, he considers himself fortunate. I know I am fortunate to have my kids all at home with me.

    I celebrate the unique qualities of my Justin every day. I am sure your Justin gave you a lifetime of happy memories too.

    Peace. [​IMG]
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    I feel ya'. We lost a baby boy when he was 4 months old. We go to the grave once in a while and straighten things out, do some trimming and such.....In his memory.....Now is your time to remember your son.....

    [​IMG] (Gonna give you a hug anyhow.)
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    Someone told me, if you loose a child, you loose a part of your future..................Happend to me 31 years ago, still miss my baby boy. He only stays with me for 11 short days. You are blessed, Justin was with you 19 years
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    i have not lost a child.. but i have three very differant pain in the ass girls who are years from being teenagers [​IMG] (god help me in those years to come)
    i dont know how it feels to burry a child but i can impothize in that aspect.
    i hear its the hardest thing in the world to burry a child and i have experanced it all around me. (friends die before thier time) i tell you what you are so very strong to be keeping him in your thoughts. i would try to forget (to save me from all that hurt)
    i say Rest In Peace Justin [​IMG] we shall all see you soon.
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    May 18, 2009
    Your Justin and my Richard both died at the age of 19. I truly feel I will see him again some day, and you will see your Justin.
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    WOW! I really love that line that 'if you lose a lose a part of your future." If anyone has experienced the lose of a child then you will certainly find that saying to be exactly on point. I have had that feeling inside me many times but could not put the feeling into cogent words. That is it exactly because one of the things that I do often is try and imagine what life would be like if he were still here, the things I would like him to be a part of. Thank you for sharing that one with me.

    In reading another post here a different saying comes to mind regarding the teenage years...."God made the teen years so you wont be sorry to see them go." I think it was meant to mean to see them leave the house and go off to college, go off to a job, go off and be a bit independent.

    Shortly after Justin was killed his 9 year old Golden Retriever, Sammy, suddenly died and back then I was consoled in the thought that maybe somehow that they would find each other again.
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    Quote:I'm sure they have. Heaven just wouldn't be heaven without our dogs.

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