Death of a wee lady...

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  1. Scottishkiwi

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    Nov 14, 2010
    Hello everyone...

    Quite upset this afternoon after finding one of my girls dead in the coop.
    I was aware that one of them hadn't been laying for a week or so,although all seemed lively with appetites to match.
    This morning when i got some food scraps to feed them(some pasta,watermelon,rice,etc)i noticed said bird was
    showing no interest in her food.Her tail was down and she was looking quite puffed-up/bloated and she trotted-off
    up the steps into the coop.
    When i went in she just walked into the corner and had her back to me,her eyes looked sleepy.
    Came back about 2 hours later with intent to go to vet but alas,i was too late.
    Checked her thoroughly for possible parasites but found none,although her rear-end was a tad bare
    compared with the remaining girls.
    Any ideas as to what killed her?

  2. annie3001

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    Jun 11, 2009
    Quote:so sorry for your sudden loss. not sure of your climate. was she cold? going thru molting? egg bound? how were her living condiitons? you said she was puffed?? i dunno? so many things could have played an issue with her death. i had a chicken have to come in the house for a couple of days, i found my chicken in the run, eyes closing and very puffed state. i brought her in the house away from the very cold condtions and she recovered and returned with the rest of her flock. you can still bring her to the vet and they can tell you want happened. sorry again.

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