Deaths on the day of arrival


10 Years
Oct 31, 2009
Somerville, AL
My runner ducks arrived this morning. Unfortunately, I got up to check on them after I posted the pics about 2 hours after they arrived and found 1 of the blues not looking good. I seperated it and called Metzer. I tried to get it to drink as was suggested but a few minutes later it died. Then a few minutes later another of the blues was not looking good. I seperated that one and it also quickly passed. I have been in the room with them for the last hour trying to get everyone to eat and drink. Especially my last little blue female. I am being cautiosly optimistic with the rest. The little gander is doing great. Eating like a little pig. I have put a covered dish with a hole in the lid with crumbles in water, another with water with greens and a little crumbles and another with the water with some moistened crumbles on the lid.
I hope everyone else is going to be okay.
Don't give them dry crumbles for the first 3 days. Mix it with water. Hold off with the green for 3 days as well. Remember it is their first food and their system has to get jump started. That's why the yogurt. Also check the heat. Make sure it is not to hot. 90 degrees is more then enough for them. Just watch their behavior. Increase the heat, if they huddle together. Reduce if they move away from it.

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