Debating Winter Weather Options Again

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Nov 11, 2010.

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    My son is very, very concerned with momma duck being outside in the winter with only being on 1 leg, he's afraid her leg will easily get frost bit because she can't move around as fast, or be able to alternate to the other leg to give it a rest or tuck it up to keep it warm. So I'm thinking they are building up to the winter, should I just move them in our garage? In our basement? Or move them up on to our deck where the snow will melt after we keep up with the shoveling and the boards will be exposed and dried out by the sun where they can feel and have the warmth of the sun, and bring their igloo up with them, that way they can still see the day light and get the natural light they need. I want to do that if nothing else, we ran out of time while my dh was home to build a good shelter. I could still play my moms old winterized pool cover over the trampoline so no snow, ice, freezing rain can get in there. But he's really hounding me about this. What should I do?? Stay with the trampoline? Deck? Or garage?

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    Last night we went down to 19 degrees, so I was glad that the ton of hay was being delivered yesterday. I did build some a-frames and put the hay under it. The duck love it. Right now they are laying in it to keep their feet warm. You can go to the hardware store, grab a sheet of 1/2 plywood, the cheap kind, and have them cut it into half. All you need to buy is some L-brackets to screw them together. Total cost under 15 dollars, plus the straw or hay to put inside of it. I've build two with solid pallets, same concept.
    The dog dome is a good option to cut wind and snow. I would go for hay or straw instead of pine shavings.
    BTW your duck will go inside of it when it gets to cold for her foot. They are very smart. Plus ducks can handle up to -20 degrees with wind protection. Their comfort zone is way different then ours.
    You can build a shed for them for the night. I have an insulated duck house for the night and I did turn on the oil filled heater in it to keep the temp around 40 degrees. That is to keep egg production going. Plus the light on a timer.

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