Debeaked hen found in my neighborhood


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Oct 24, 2008
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So We have 3 pet chickens, in the city and I get a call from animal control asking if we were missing a chicken cause we are the only ones around here that have all of ours are I offer to go take a look at the chicken(right down the street from me) and it is a rhode island red and she is debeaked.

I took her home and she's in a crate under quarantine right now.

She is very docile. Doesn't seem scared of people. In fact, she seems to want to be around us.

She's not skinny.

I've given her fresh water and cracked corn right now. Do you think she'll be able to eat layer pellets? I'm going to give her some of those too.

Why would someone debeak a rhode island red hen?

Also, if we keep her, do you think she would be ok to put with bantams. Our 3 girls are bantams. 2 japanese and 1 silkie.

It is very unusual for anyone around here to have chickens, we are the only ones that I know of.

What sort of treatment should I give her. I have some wormer, antibiotics, etc? Can't remember exactly what kinds at the moment. I'll have to go check.

Any information about what I should do would help. Thanks


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Aug 18, 2008
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She could have fallen off a truck on the way to the processing plant...I would give her pellets, and make sure she can eat them well. You will need to keep her in quarantine for at least 3 weeks before trying to introduce her to the others. Here's info on quarantine and intros:
I would not treat her with anything, just give her a really good once over for mites, lice, etc..If she has any latent illness, the stress of the move might cause her to become ill in the next week or so. I think she could do really well with bantams, as long as they have plenty of room.

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