debeaked hen question


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
We rescued a couple of debeaked hens (gold comets/red sex-link) chickens at an auction today. I am wondering what special things I should do to feed them? They are a little underweight but not too bad. Both are debeaked top and bottom beak and one of them it is cut within a hairs-breadth of her nostrils.

I'd just like to give them a nicer life for now and make sure they can eat well. I tossed some bread their way tonight and they looked at it like it was a UFO. One tried to get it but couldn't eat it.

I did put some vitamins in their water.

Thanks for any suggestions!
The first chickens we got 20 (which we still have a few of 13) were debeaked. We have never fed them anything special. They do have a harder time eating harder things (such as a cucumber) because they cannot really cut when they peck.
I agree with Ray, they do not have sharpness to their beak. Mine do not do well when it gets down to the bottom of the oyster shell, or bottom of the feeder. It has to have some thickness to it for mine to get a really good "grip" on whatever it is that they are eating. So just be careful when things run "low", because they might not be getting as much as the gals with the full beaks. It is great what you are doing.
As already mentioned, a lil bit of depth to the feed will make it easier for them to eat.
Good on you for making the effort to help them out, its great.

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