13 Years
Oct 4, 2008
SW New Hampshire
I just got two "ready-to-lay" pullets and am horrified to see they have been debeaked. The top bill on one is so short she can't pick up any food except from a deep feeder. My question is: Can I trim back the lower bill to match the upper, so she will have a useable beak, and how far can I trim it back before it bleeds? Thanks!
HI I don't have a answer about the trimming, I think I read on here you shouldn't trim the lower beak. I do however have 4 chickens I had picked up from a chicken auction that have trimmed beaks. One has a very short upper beak too and she seems to do just fine. She is able to pick up scratch, BOSS and other treats that are around. It is really sad to see those trimmed beaks
However the 4 I picked up are just sweeties, friendly and personable. It almost seems they are grateful for their better lives.
No.. dont trim their beaks anymore.. just leave them be...
Figure out how they have been eating so far.. and just continue with it...
Poor things! Ugh... i cant STAND de-beaking..its so cruel..
OH, I hate to see that. I won't buy POL birds from my hatchery because they automatically trim the beaks, and I think it looks just awful. You truly need to leave that bottom beak alone, because she will use that as a sort of scoop. If I were you, I'd call the hatchery and express your concerns that the beak may have been trimmed too short. Maybe they can give you a credit, exchange or maybe just some good advice on feeding that particular bird.

You're right on about the needs to be deep for her so that she can scoop the food, since she can't peck it.

Good luck to you!

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