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    Feb 19, 2014
    Just a note, Murray McMurray Hatchery does not trim the beaks of started pullets. However, they charge more per bird too. Also, does anyone have any input on redsex links that are older? Am just wondering if the redsex links do "peter out" after 2 years.
  2. The sex-links that I have kept past their second laying season, still laid, not as often, but the eggs were larger, a lot of double yolkers. But, I lost a lot of them to prolapses and what I suspect was peronitis (sp?). Anyone who tends to make pets out of their hens is probably going to be horrified the first time they see a prolapse. Not to mention the vet costs for treating prolapse or a hen that is egg bound. So to sum this up, I would suggest anyone that has qualms about culling hens to choose another breed. And before anyone jumps on me for my opinion, I do have (and really like) sex-links. They are the back bone of my laying flock. But, I cull all of my hens after their second laying season. And I have no problem culling any sick hen.......

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