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  1. Anyone routinely have this done?

    Now that I am getting into the larger quantities of chicks (100+) I am have some serious picking problems with the older birds. And they have plenty of room. I think they are bord. They picked one to death overnight last week, I felt horrible. I usually remove any with any kind of the slighest injury because I know they will obviously go for blood but this is awful.

    So while I don't support debeaking for layers and pets I am starting to lean towards getting it done to my meat chicks since they are around for such a short time.

    Anyone else do this?
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    Probably in the majority thinking here but if you are getting your next batch from the hatchery debeaked and you are having that big of a picking problem now I don't think it's a bad idea to look into it like you are doing. I hope you get some good responses from people who have some history with debeaked meaties. Have you looked into the anti pick bits and specticals? I don't know if any method is more "humane" than another, but anything beats loosing birds to stress and infection from being picked.
    Good luck [​IMG]
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