Decatur, Illinois chicken laws

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    Heres the link:

    do not indicate no roosters but I would not get any roosters fearing it would bother the neighbors. Yes, I had roosters but only in the dead of the winter when everyone is inside and crowing is not heard well. We live near a hospital and all kinds of sirens going on all hours of the its another day for our citizens. However the roos were being boarded or sold before spring or before windows are open when the warm weather arrived.
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    Quote:I live in Chicago in the city. I have one rooster and 10 hens. Rodney our rooster starts crowing at 5:00 a.m. He stays in his coop until 7:00 a.m. After 7 he is allowed out. We can hear him because we don't have air conditioning. Most of the neighbors come over if they don't hear him crowing. They love hearing him crow. Chicago tried to pass a law against chickens but it was never passed. My neighbors can't wait for the eggs. When my neighbors hear Rodney they yell back good morning! Instead of hearing airplanes, dogs barking, trains, and sirens they listen for Rodney crowing!

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