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December at the Grand Prairie Coop

Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by silkeysandra, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. silkeysandra

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    Oct 18, 2008
    grand prairie, tx
    December 2009 The Coop Newsletter

    Well the weather immediately turned from cool to downright freezing as soon as December began. Unfortunately, for the girls, that meant being ‘cooped up’ in the Chickey house till things thawed outside.
    Camping again? Early this month, we were off at an rv rally at Matagorda, Texas--an annual insane pilgrimage of the hearty and fool-hearty alike. It was forecast to be bad weather here, so the girls would ‘camp’ in their own houses this time instead of being cold and maybe wet in Camp Chickey Pen. Our pet sitter made sure the girls were well fed, and let them out to play on Saturday morning. That evening, daughter Sierra made sure they were all tucked into their houses with good food and fresh water—and some extra petting and love.
    Chums! The girls are noticing that the cool weather makes having a roosting buddy a good idea. Gerty has moved in with Hilda and I’m sure she is in chickey heaven, finally winning over Gerty. I knew this winter would do it. But Wait! Wait! Gerty got her few days with Hilda and has moved back to her apartment. Now Tazzle has moved in with Hilda and they seem close pals. Been roomies all the rest of the month. Hmmmm. Makes it hard to figure who leaves the egg each morning. Twinkle is happy in her house and doesn’t seem upset that Tazzle has moved from next door. Millie has her piece of carpet that she snuggles down on for the night and is happy that way. The two little Mille Fleurs, Margot and Camille also have some carpeting for warmth, which they like.
    Brrrr! Temps went down to 40 inside for a few days, but as the nighttime temps stay above 40, the chickey house will stay around 50 inside. The heater will keep it warmer, but my chickey expert, my dad, says warmer could make them ill when exposed to normal winter outdoor weather. So 40-50 it will stay! Hey! It’s winter!
    Egg production has slowed with the shortening of the days and we get only a couple eggs a day. Hilda almost always has an egg for us by noon and Twinkle has one waiting for us when they get breakfast in the mornings. One day, when the temps were really cold and I kept the chickey house doors closed during their outdoor time to protect the bougainvilleas inside, one of the girls laid an egg at the entrance. I’m sure to show her displeasure about not being able to get inside.
    Yum! Since eggs pile up and friends are busy and hard to reach to receive eggs, we have begun to hunt for egg-heavy recipes. We found a wonderful one, a spinach and mushroom frittata that takes a dozen eggs. We’ve made it twice since Thanksgiving and really enjoy it. If you’d like a copy, either email me or look on my Facebook page where I’ll add it somehow. If you have a recipe with lots of eggs, do send it along. Recipes using lots of eggs are now being accepted. Add them to the facebook page and we’ll all benefit! Yum!
    A Chickey Gift. The girls all receive nice greens and seeds for this Christmas but I thought about making a little parsley wreath for them as a Christmas Eve present! Very easy to twine the parsley stems around each other until they make a small 4 inch circle. Nuts and seeds can be added with a little honey as glue! I use a twist-tie to tie it onto each chickey apartment door on the inside. Happy Christmas Chickeys!
    The girls stayed warm and cozy inside the Coop during our Christmas Eve storm which gave us freezing temperatures, winds up to 40 mph to blow our beautiful snow at us sideways! It was nearly gone by Christmas noon, though.
    Well, that’s all for this month’s doin’s and we all hope you and yours had the best Christmas ever. Since times were tough, it was a homemade Christmas this year, but those somehow seem to become the most memorable. Cherish the times you have with each other.We are all hoping for a better New Year for 2010, but take our days as they come and are thankful for each.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season and a Hopeful New Year!
    ---- from Gerty, Millie, Margot, Camille, Hilda, Twinkle and Tazzle

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