Decent amount of Blood on shells

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    Mar 16, 2009
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    I purchased a bantam polish about 2 or so months ago and lately her laying has been very irregular. A week ago i got an egg from her that had quite a bit of blood streaking but wasn't too worried it happens. but since then she has only laid two eggs. one at an un determined time since they started hiding eggs from me and the other this morning. it was laid from the roost had a slightly soft shell a first for my girls and has such an amount of blood i'm now concerned that there is something not right.
    She is a white crested polish was told she was about a year old when i got her. I do not currently have any oyster shells out but will be buying some today thats not the concern the amount of blood is. She is in with a black sex link hen and a large ee hen. the sexlink is a new layer at 6 months and lays every single day. the ee hen is the same age as the polish and hasn't laid an egg in over a week well heck i can't say the last time she laid. they have been free ranging but after the egg hiding episode they are going back in the coop. what could cause such an irregularity in my hens? thanks for any help
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    Jul 10, 2009
    Just yesterday my Red Leg hybrid pullet layed her first egg , it was DRIPPING blood ! The egg was HUGE , I am sure it is a double yolker ... But I too was curious about the volume of blood . I checked her vent and she seemed okay .... no prolapse or tears .The Vet said if the bleeding stops after she lays and no prolapse she is fine .
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    Nov 15, 2008
    I have a white crested black bantam polish hen that lays decent sized eggs for her size, and more often than not they are streaked with a little blood. She lays a double yolker at least once a week, it seems! [​IMG]

    I've checked her over several times, she's fine, and it doesn't seem to slow her down! [​IMG]

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