Deciding on a breed and living quarters.

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    Just posted my duck question and now I have one for the "goose people". [​IMG]
    Along with the Welsh Harlequins I am wanting, I'd like to get 2-3 geese. I am thinking either Embden or Toulouse (2 geese and a gander) and I am mainly interested in friendliness. Thoughts?

    Now for the goose quarters...
    I don't really want to have to pen them up at night since that chore would fall to my DH when I have to be gone (often). Does anyone keep theirs in a pasture with goats (we have 2) and/or donkeys (we have one). I thought I might be able to put a "house" for them in the feeding area - cattle paneled-off area where my goats can eat in peace but the donkey can't enter (he's not mean, just a pest at times). The pasture is about 2 acres fenced-in with horse fencing and we've never had a coyote/stray dog or fox get in there that we know of and this pasture is very near our outdoor dogs (2 large boys) pen - they go ballistic when anything moves about at night! We have a pond (outside the fenced area) and I'd like to let them out to it on occasion as well.

    One more thing, how old should they be when we begin to transition them from the brooder?

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