Deciding who stays and who goes.......SIGH


11 Years
May 2, 2011
Yucca Valley
So far out of the 10 hens and one rooster (which didn't come with my order so got 2 freebie chicks)I ordered, I now have for sure 7 roosters and 4 hens. The jury is still out on number 12. How in the heck am I going to decide who goes to freezer camp and who doesn't? I am keeping the changeling (so much for my plans of having BO chicks for sale next year). I really like him, he is so calm, mellow and friendly. Anybody else had this problem before?

I am currently in this dilemma. Have 7 roos and 11 pullets. Going to try and cut it down to 2 roos, but I have my eye on a third one that I would really like to keep. Still out on that one, it is very difficult.
I bought dual purpose chickens for a specific reason> I was told they were sexed and that I did NOT get a rooster in the bunch. Thinking they were all hens and the start of my flock I have made cuddly, let me hug you, kiss you, squeeze you pets out of all of them and now am going to have to choose at least 5 for their other purpose. Really, really sucks!
You could post an add on CL or contact 4H folks in the area and see if anyone is interested in BO boys, since they have names and all. Otherwise I would wait awhile and see which one has the sweetest personality.

Or you could have a breeder that knows the breed look over the roos and see which one conforms to breed standards the best to use him for breeding.

Sorry about your troubles. We have one we hatched we are quite fond of and I am fearful she will turn in to a he and we'll have to re-home. Its a Sex-link/Brahma cross so it will be hard to find someone that wants him for something other than dinner...
I have the same problem I ordered my girls and got 12 pullets but I got 8 Roos that came with when I only wanted 2 so now I am going to have to send 6 to freezer camp but they all love to cuddle and be with me. How am I ever going to choose who stays and who goes. I have thought about which would fit for my purpose with their build and their personality and which are the friendliest but it really changes by the day so right now I am in limbo we will have to wait until they get hormones and see who becomes annoying then. Even then...not sure if I would be able to go through with it.
About what time do their hormones kick in? Around the same time hens start laying? And it always seems to be the roos that are the sweetest, I think they know what will happen to them and that there are only a few select spots.
I was told that they often start crowing at 7 weeks so I am hoping I might start seeing their true personality then. I have one boy that loves to cuddle with me and the others could really do without me unless I have treats available. I have my eye on a second roo who is larger than the first but seems a bit slow and quiet just waiting to see if he stays that way as he grows.
I was having this problem with a couple of my roos, i really only can have one more but had 3 prospects. Well the oldest one started attacking my feet so he made it easy to decide. Now I have 2 to choose from......maybe I can find room for one more?
GOod Luck with your roos! Sometimes they make your mind up for you.

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