Decorating The Chicken Coop!


7 Years
May 27, 2012
Lucky Duck Pond
This thread is for crazy chicken people such as myself

I would love to see how other people decorate their chicken coops.Hopefully I'm not the only one

Right now I only have 5 chickens so they don't make to much of a mess of things.
i can tell my 2 BR apart with out a prob XD one is fat, the other is skinny, quite easy!

i just dunno yet on my pet birds, which i have a odd feeling i may have a roo wanting me dead soon XD (training him to walk on a leash LOL cruel? maybe. fun? heck ya)
My chicken names are Buffy,Ruby,Peepers,Sadie,and Lucy and I have 2 Muscovy ducks Poppy and Ollie

As for the leash training, that thought has crossed my mind before! right now I just have fun watching my chickens chase the laser pointer
we have only 2 chickens named XD Icestar (our roo) and braveheart (one of the BR)

the serama roo can fit a small rabbit walker XD and i just want to try it out once!

we cant have laser pointers XD out dog would chase it
Awe, that is so cute! Cozy little next boxes! My daughter painted a mural across the back wall of our coop, it is so pretty and cheerful. I also planted a flower bed next to it, and it has little garden lights on it at night.

Now to pull out the Christmas decorations, yippee!!!

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