Decorative plants safe for the ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Vyctoria, Mar 20, 2017.

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    This summer we plan on doing a major overhaul with the ducks. I'd have 6 currently and would really like to have more, so we're going to be almost tripling the coop size and expanding the run, as well as adding an inground, lined pond with a bio-filter. Along with this I'd really like to dress it up in general. I was thinking about adding some plants to add some color, but I'm struggling to find some pretty stuff that won't hurt the babies.

    From what I've seen of the lists I've found, Marigolds, coleus, and begonias are the only ornamental plants I'm familiar with that supposedly aren't toxic. I'm hoping to plants some sunflowers along the coop, but outside of their pen. More than anything, I'd love some climbing plants to be on the fencing to their run because we're using older metal panels that look kinda shabby on their own. Everything I've found is toxic though. I originally thought morning glories, but they're on the bad list. So was honeysuckle, clematis, and jasmine. I'm at a loss. I also plan to put some herbs in there, especially lavender. I might even put some flowers in pots and keep them around the outside of the fencing.

    What are some plants that your ducks seem to especially enjoy? And if I free range at all this year(haven't been brave enough to try it yet), am I in danger if they wander to my mother's garden? We have a big pond in the opposite direction that I'm assuming will pull their attention that way, but if they happen to eat anything by the house, she has all sorts of toxic things in there. Has anyone found this kind of thing to be a problem, or do they tend to not eat that stuff? Mine aren't really into leafy things at all from what I can tell though trying to feed treats like kale and chard.

  2. I planted an English Ivy on my could do Sweet Peas or Nasturtiums ?....Tall ornamental grasses.....I use pots around my Duck run......They like to eat my Marigolds...;).....

    Have fun planting....:)


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