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    Jun 18, 2009
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    This morning I got quite a surprise from one of my chooks , a Barred Plymouth Rock. My coop sits on sloping ground, and a flower box on one end is 5 ft above the ground. Just out about 2 ft from that is a temporary fence which I erected about 6 weeks ago in order to seed in some grass and have it survive. (1/3 of my run is in seed/new grass and cross-fencing was the only way to insure that the grass would survive and be healthy.)

    When I went out to the coop this AM, I opened both pop doors and out came the girls, clucking away and heading for the water pots. I went in and closed their doors and began my chores of cleaning poop planks, opening windows, and filling feed troughs. Much to my surprise that barred rock (which I named 'Jumper' for her habit of jumping on my hand when a tiny chick) jumped up over that 4 ft fence and onto the 5 ft above the ground flower box and began to squawk at me repeatedly, and I mean really loud. Similarly, a Buff Comet jumped onto another flower box only 4 ft above the ground and did the same. I was about done, so I opened the pop doors and these two flew down immediately and came in to hop into a nest, and each laid an egg in short order. I am sure that they were telling me to hurry up so they could get back inside to do their business.

    Now THAT is dedication to the job ! [​IMG] 10 eggs from 24 chooks that are 5 1/2 months old, all before I went to church. We are blessed.
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    You've got some good girls there!!! LOL! [​IMG]
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    They are training you well. [​IMG]

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