Dedicated Gung-ho Chooks

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    Two days ago I went to coop to let the inmates out for the day. I keep water outside only so that they will all rush out to get a drink each morning and not be underfoot while I do my chores. (Would not do that in hot weather tho) Anyway, I had just installed some flower boxes under the four windows the day before. While I was working, I heard a loud continuous squawking real close. It was a barred rock sitting on the flower box squawking non stop. In seconds a gold comet chimed in from another flower box. The first one was on a box 5 ft off the ground (and behind a temporary 4 ft fence that I put up 6 weeks ago to try to regrow some parts of the run with grass) She had to fly over that and hit the box on the first try or drop down to where she could not get a 2nd chance to try. I was amazed but did not know why until I finished my chores and opened the pop doors. The squawking stopped and the two squawkers muscled in front of others and came in only to jump up into two nests and each laid an egg right in front of me! They were trying to tell me to get on with it so they could come lay their eggs! [​IMG]

    The one that flew the highest is named jumper because as a tiny chick, she used to always jump up on my hand every time I reached into the box for any reason at all. She jumped on my wife's shoulder a week ago when we had four strangers in the run with us, and has done that twice to me as well while I was working out there, ignoring her. I wonder if she was staking her territory out showing the strangers that she belonged to her mistress? Or was it a security thing?

    Chickens and not owls are a real hoot! [​IMG]
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    Awwww, see what good girls they are. I love when they do that. [​IMG]

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