deep laceration on head, 6 week old chick... need advice!

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  1. crunchyvt

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    Nov 14, 2011
    We released our 6 week old buff orpington pullets out of their brooder boxes and into our coop and fenced yard today. A couple hours later we found one of them stuck in the metal fencing that goes around our chicken yard. It is not sharp, but I think the bird was struggling so hard that it got a deep cut on the back of it's neck. The cut goes all the way through the skin and is at least an inch wide. Being on the back of it's neck (high up by her head), the wound is gaping open. I've put that bird back in the brooder box by itself and dabbed some peroxide on the wound. Should I try to bandage it somehow? or get an antibiotic spray? We've raised chickens and turkeys for several years now, but this is my first time needing to provide first aid to any of the birds. Thanks!!
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    I too have no experience with this yet, but I would definitely baby her for a while and keep her separated until its got a good healthy scab over it. I would also purchase some antibiotic gel or something you could use daily. If it doesn't appear like it all scab and close on its own she may need a stitch or to. Wonder if you could use a small butterfly bandaid? Keep it clean & dry too. Good luck.
  3. Tam'ra of Rainbow Vortex

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    All bandages I have tried on a chicken's head have failed. The bandages simply make the bird more prone to poking the wound with his/her dirty feet because it annoys them. Several of my flock are dog attack survivors who were missing LARGE ammounts of skin (one roo lost about 1/4 of his skin across his neck, back and chest- and hes fine now!). All I was able to do for them was follow the advice I was given which was:
    *run warm water over the wound 1-4 times each day to clean it
    *Keep the injured bird in a wam, safe space by itsself
    *Spray on 'invisible bandage' works well
    I have never lost one to injury doing this, and all recovered fully despite looking severely injured. Only one has a visible scar now.
    Chickens have amazing recooperative powers. On many of my injured birds I could see their bones... I feel awful for the ammount of pain the had to endure, but they all bounced back really quickly. If it makes it through the first night, I wouldn't worry at all!
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    First of all, do not use peroxide any more, it is extremely drying to the tissues, and will make it harder for it to heal properly. The fastest way for this to heal, is with a simple stitch or two. If you do not happen to be a vet tech like myself with a small supply of suture at hand [​IMG] a needle and thread will do. Clean out the wound with betadine if you have access to it, throw a couple of loose sutures in it, and coat it with blukote, to keep the other chicks from picking at it. Clean the area daily with betadine (or soapy water if you can't get betadine or iodine) and take the stitches out in a week to 10 days. [​IMG]
  5. crunchyvt

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    Nov 14, 2011
    Thanks for the replies! I did try bandaging, but that did not work well so I took it off - it just seemed to bother her more and that she was going to figure out how to get it off anyway. I won't use any more of the peroxide. We'll get some sprayable neosporin/antiseptic for the wound and we'll definitely keep her separated and warm.

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