Deep litter method with plywood floor?

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  1. I'm new to chickens. Just got my 8 straight run chicks a week ago (I have more coming in May) and will have my new coop in a few days. Long term plan is 5-8 hens (we'll see how long that lasts, LOL) and the coop is 6 x 8 or so. The family friend building the coop is using plywood for the floor. It will be raised off the ground about 6 inches.

    I've planned on using the deep litter method, but read that it is really best with dirt floors. Is there anything I need to do differently to do deep litter with a plywood floor? Will the plywood floor rot away pretty quickly? Should I put some sort of flooring over the plywood or paint it with something protective?

  2. Oh, I wanted to add: They will eventually have a very large run. I plan on building it large enough that I can keep a compost heap in it and let them work it for me. (I have Harvey Ussery to thank for this idea.)
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    I am using the deep litter method with a plywood floor. My coop is over 80 years old, so as a precaution I put a tarp over it. I cleaned the coop out a few day ago after about 9 months and the tarp held out fairly well and there appears to be no further deterioration to the floor.
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    Consider sealing it with Cabot Spar Varnish. This stuff is built proof.

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