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    Nov 10, 2016
    I'm trying to understand how this works. We are planning on building our coop next weekend. I'm trying to wrap my head around this method. We are new to chickens in general, planning on getting 5 in the coming months. I was planning on just placing easily removed trays under the roosts in the coop but I'm interested in reading more about this method.
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    There are many on here that know much more than me, but I am willing to share my experience. There is deep bedding and deep liter. Deep bedding means just what it sounds like - deep bedding. Deep liter means you start somewhat shallow and add regularly to the bedding. This is what I am doing. I started with a dirt run, added some dirt and wood chips (well dried - a forum member added fresh and his chickens died) and have since been adding grass clippings, leaves, garden waste etc to build up the bedding. I turn it over occasionally just to get the poop off the top - especially when I'm not adding anything. I've learned I don't really like wood chips mixed in - they don't seem to be breaking down like I want. I have no smell in my run. There is a video I watched that was created by one of the forum members that explained it so well, but I cannot remember where I found it. I think of it as trying to recreate a forest floor. I don't scoop poop, I don't pick up poop, I don't smell poop. I just turn it under occasionally or cover it up with another layer. Come spring the bottom will be black gold for the garden

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    Found it!!! I'd add a link but not sure how. Go to YouTube and search for "Deep Litter Method for Chickens...not just deep bedding" by Mountain Woman. She has great photos, explains it well. It's the video that helped me understand
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    I like a true composting deep litter out in the run, but prefer the dry pine shavings in the coop(couples with a poop board), especially in my harsh in winters.

    Here's a great description of contents and how to manage organic 'bedding' in a run or coop...and there's a great video of what it looks like.

    TalkALittle's post on DB vs DL:

    My posts on poop a thread all about them...
    viewing all the pics in the thread (on the right sidebar) might be easier than wading thru the thousand of posts.
  5. I understand your wanting to know about Deep litter.......So as a suggestion, have you ever considered sand in the Coop/Run?

    That is all I use......No stink....Takes minutes to clean....Kitty litter scoop and a pail.......Less ammonia as the sand dries up the poops.....


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