Deerfield,N.H. show and swap

I love seeing all the different birds both large and small. Would be fun to enter one day.
I cant remember from the last swap at this location...but I am trying to remember if there are guinea hens for slae thee as well. I havent seen many available for sale lately and am looking for a royal purple, white and another color. I also need to know what they eat for a feed, can they eat the layer pellets?
Anyone is welcome,but you need to bring your npip certificate.If your from out of state I think you are required to have a health certificate.
In N.H.,Tony.
Hit Deerfield early in the morning before most vendors even got there! Picked up a nice trio of black Modern Game banties and the best part is the hens are already laying and the roo is a nice show quality bird ! woo hoo!!!!! Almost got a couple of nice RIR banty hens, but didnt and now wish I did, they were really nice. Saw lots of friends and poultry, but was disappointed at the turnout or should I say lack of turnout of MGB breeders since they were suppose to be sponsoring the event or at least have some part in it. There was only one breeder there.

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