Deerwood Castle-RP-NOW OPEN!!!!!!

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    Deerwood Castle
    Welcome to Deerwood castle. The king is Eldritch II. This place is loosely based on the court of Henry VIII. In this court, rumors are spread and hearts are broken. Why? Power.
    Humans only
    Yes, you may suggest things that happen *ahem* during the night, but not that much. "She came to his bed last night," is all you need
    Be fair and nice
    All BYC rules apply
    Violent battles can happen, but not often. Try to stick to non-violent battles.

    Fruit, nuts, rice porridge.
    Lunch(Usually quite small):
    Bread, cheeses, poultry.
    Meat(All birds, hoofed animals, rabbits, pretty much anything they can get), baked/boiled vegetables, salads, more cheese, spinach and cheese rolls.
    Drinks(water is undrinkable):
    Peach tea, normal tea, wine, rum and beer.

    0-12 Child
    13-15 Adult(Gets married[it is illegal to have a child before 15th birthday])
    15-25 Mother(can be older, but this is more usual)
    30+ Spends most time trying to advance in court, helping younger family members
    You are very lucky to live past 45

    Men's clothing gives them a square shape. They wear short doublets over their hose and the shoulders of their coats are cut wide. It is fashionable for their sleeves to be slashed and their flat hats are often decorated with feathers.
    Men wear their hair short, almost like modern hair. They wear variations of the low-crowned, brimmed cap which was often turned up all around or with just one side turned up.
    Women's clothing gives them a triangular shape unlike the men's square shape. Their corsets are tight-fitting, while their kirtles and gowns are full. Hoods are very popular(especially the French hood). Almost all women have long hair.

    The ranks and titles of court in descending order:
    Your Majesty:
    King, Queen.
    His/Her Royal Highness:
    Prince, Princess
    Your Grace:
    Duke, Duchess, Marquess(Marquis), Lady Marquess.
    Your Excellency:
    Earl, Countess, Viscount, Viscountess, Baron, Baroness.
    Sir, Lady or Dame:
    Baronet, Knight, Lord, Lady
    (The titles 'Mr' [Master] and 'Mrs' [Mistress] simply signify gentry status; 'Mrs' does not mean that a woman is married)

    The Castle & Grounds
    Nix remembered that this thread existed!

    PM your form to me:
    Name(first and last):
    Everything must be filled(except for other), do not RP unless I have replied to your PM.


    Eldritch Ogier II: The current king of Farlem. He has long black-brown hair and slightly dark skin. His irises are black. He is 32.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Queen Consort:

    Augustine Ogier: Youthful in appearance, with smooth skin of creamy alabaster. Long blonde curls cascade down her head. She is lady in waiting to Jessica Ogier. Augustine is also quite petite, and has gentle brown irises(Zinnia-Hen).


    David Ogier: Tall, thin and muscular. He has well chiselled features. His hair is wavy blonde, and reaches to about his ears. His eyes are a deep gray. He is desperately in love with Genevieve, a Lady in waiting.(chickendiva25)


    Jessica Ogier: She is beautiful, with long blonde hair, pretty green eyes. She is very tall for 14. Her father is King Eldritch Ogier II. Her mother is Laef of Redwall.(<3ChickenForever)


    Alice Gem Her skin is olive, hair dark ebony and tied up neatly most of the time. Her eyes are dark and she rarely smiles, she stands at about 5"5. She is 18.(Gerbil)

    Ladies in Waiting:

    Anna Welth: She has Golden Blonde Hair with Blue eyes that change to Green sometimes. She is skinny and semi-tan and pale. She is 16 and a Half. She is a kind and loyal servant.(Pekinduck<3er)

    Anette Wilson: A beautiful girl of 17. Jane and Ruden Wilson are her parents. She has long wavy golden blonde hair and brown eyes. She is very quiet and modest. (NixNoodleNumbat)

    Lady Jane Wilson: Deep red hair and hazel eyes. She has a crooked smile and is very experienced with the ways of the court.(NixNoodleNumbat)


    Liam McColl: Advisor to the king. He is the one who arranged for the king and queen to be married and is well rewarded. He is old and was in the court since before Eldritch II.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Peter Wilson: The son of Jane and Ruben Wilson. He is a year older than his sister, Annette. He is the spitting image of his father. He tends to flirt with the ladies and has no inclination of marriage for the moment.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Sir Daniel Wilson: Jane Wilson's brother. He has long straight black hair and dark brown eyes. He is a terrible lier and remains single, even though he is 30.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Duchess Mary Gwenith: The sworn enemy of Jane Wilson. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Though she is married to Richard Gwenith, she really plans to marry the king. She is Anne Gwenith's sister, and therefore cousin of the king.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Duke Richard Gwenith: Husband of Mary Gwenith. He is loyal to his wife and has never bedded another woman. He is a quiet man, and prefers to spend his time in the castle gardens.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Thomas Smith: A young man of 22 with his eye on Grace Caron. He has short red hair and lots of freckles. He is very tall and skinny. His family is from Jey, and four years ago he was sent to marry a young woman who sadly passed away. He has stayed at court since then, and the king has not noticed. He is good friends with Tibo D'Fleur, and can speak a little Jeyan.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Tibo D'Fleur: A Dancan of around the same age as Thomas Smith. He has just below shoulder-length curly black hair and blue eyes. His family used to live at court, but they had to return to Danc when his grandmother died. (NixNoodleNumbat)

    Lady Jane Wilson: Deep red hair and hazel eyes. She has a crooked smile and is very experienced with the ways of the court.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Lord Ruben Wilson: Curly brown hair and piercing green eyes. He is quite close to the king, but is very paranoid.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Grace Caron: Tall and slender, sparkling green eyes and wavy red hair. She loves music and horseback
    riding. Very impetuous and she gets in trouble a lot for not acting like a proper lady. She is 16.(Lealonna)

    Danielle Bordelette:Tall with long dirty blonde hair.(LittleLady98)

    Geneveive Lawrence: Beautiful, slender and graceful. Her lips are the color of roses, and her hair is about back length and blonde, almost white. Secretly loves Prince David.(chickendiva25)

    Lady Anne Gwenith: Eldritch II's cousin. She looks a lot like the king.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Elizabeth Cahill: About 5' 9'' tall, beautiful reddish-brown hair. Her eyes are a beautiful, deep blue that seems to look into your soul. She is slender, but is stronger than most give her credit for. She is 16. Her family is a few distant cousins, and her father. (LittleLady98)


    Ekkehardt Chetwood: Tall and teenager-like in appearance. His build should not fool you, however, for he is still quite strong. Ekkehardt's skin is pale and lightly freckled around the cheeks, and his eyes are of deep royal blue. His jet black hair is soft in texture, though shaggy, wavy, and around mid-neck length. He is 18.(Zinnia-Hen)

    Steavan Heart: He is a tanned and muscular brown haired boy with brown eyes, he is really handsome. He is 17.(Pekinduck<3er)

    Paul Rhine: Tall and burly. His hair is brown quite long and is normally pulled back into a ponytail. He is 20. He has several siblings. He considers his best friend Sebastian to be family.(chickendiva25)

    Sebastian Foster: He's average in height, with soft hazel eyes and light auburn hair. He is 21. Seabastian is currently seeking a special woman to share his life with. (chickendiva25)

    Gregory Tigerbane: He appears to be around 19-20, with medium length black hair and a strong featured face. He stands just above average height, his eyes are fawn and smile always ready to greet. His colors are that of Deerwood castle. He has lived and trained at the castle from a young age. His charge is a white mutt stallion, named Glorious. 16hh and built like a tree, he is rather imposing, but is a gentle giant.(Gerbil)

    James Reagan: He is around 6' tall with rich black hair. His eyes are a startling grey, with small flecks of blue and green. He is very muscular, because he likes to do physical work daily. He is 27. He was orphaned at the age of 14, after the rest of his family died of an illness. (LittleLady98)


    Arthur: Usually wears light colors, has sandy blonde hair and is very tan. He has blue eyes. He is 13 years old.(Blonde)

    Melon Parkes: He is a bit of a bully. He enjoys annoying Arthur. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. He was sent to Farlem from Jey.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Animal Workers(Grooms, falconers etc.):

    Snaka Atraan: A young woman of 24. She has chin-length auburn hair and dark brown eyes. She tends to wear a man’s clothes. She has a pet ferret that goes everywhere with her.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    Malitiwah Sangrea(Mali): She has dark black hair and green eyes. She is 15. She was abandoned at two days.(singingchickenmomma)

    Frank: He has black hair, a strong build and brown eyes. Has a small scar on his face from Scree, his falcon.(SuperChickenDude327)

    Edward McGrath: An excellent stable-boy with little social skills. He spends most of his time outside, and
    seldom enters the castle. He often goes on hunting trips with the king and other men. His only human friend is Frank.


    Laef of Redwall: She had shoulder length light brown hair and hazel eyes. She liked wearing french hoods. She had thick lashes and was rather tall. She was 33 when she died.(NixNoodleNumbat)

    King’s Rooms
    Queen’s Rooms
    Banqueting Hall
    Servant’s Rooms
    Dancing Hall
    Rooms(for other members of court)
    Entrance Hall
    Coat of Arms
    Map of Surrounding Countries:
    People can only come from Dunc, Jey and Farlem. Sakris and Mitohoshins keep to themselves.
    Lady Anne Gwenith:
    Duke Richard Wilson
    Duchess Mary Gwenith
    Anne Wilson:
    Augustine Babineaux

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    I might join. [​IMG]
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    <3ChickenForever :

    I might join. [​IMG]

    Please do!​
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    Name: Frank
    Gender: M
    Apearance: Black hair, strong build, brown eyes. Has a small scar on his face from Scee, his falcon
    Job: Animal Trainer
    Other: He has a falcon, Scree.
    Username: SuperChickenDude327
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    I must. Ok! Can my person be a princess? :3
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    <3ChickenForever :

    I must. Ok! Can my person be a princess? :3

  8. Can I join?
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    Or maybe the queen?
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    Quote:Of course!

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