Deflated banty roo ego


8 Years
Jul 8, 2011
NW Arkansas
My flock consists of rsl, blk, and wsl now going on 7 weeks old. Originally there was also a Delaware roo, but last week a raccoon got him
, so I got a banty roo (since he wasn't very big) to act as mentor. Most of the pullets are larger than he is. Yesterday one of the wsl was pecking very gently at if picking a piece of lint off....she got to his face and again very delicately pecked at his face. He DREW himself up on his tippy toes just as tall as he could stretch so he could look down on her and gave her a major stink eye!!
Unfortunately she is taller than he even on tiptoes. She very calmly looked at him, then reached up, pecked him again on the face and very casually wandered off.
He stood there for a moment stunned and slowly deflated back down to his normal size.
I'm afraid his roosterhood has been called into question and he may have anxiety problems down the road.
I have a banty roo too, and he went through some terrible times before he managed to bully his hens into occasionally respecting his authority. He's soooo much smaller, I love watching him do his dominance dance and the hens just keep chowing down their food and ignoring him. Worse for your little roo is the fact that the hens had known a proper big roo before hand! He may well develop small rooster syndrome. Quick, buy him a little red sports car!
X 2 Such roosters have frequently needed psychological counseling. There is a thread on rooster shrinks. Or is that rooster shrink wrapping?

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