Deformed beak?

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    Jun 23, 2015
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    There's some beak issue with this little guy. I inherited some poultry and I have them in isolation while I treat some issues of neglect. Their owner died and their caretaker didn't know any better. A few have nose canker. A few have mites. All have overgrown beak and toenails from living in little cages indoors.

    This guy has an unusual beak issue. It's not overgrown in the usual way, but has thickened areas and ridges. It looks misshapen on the inside as well. The nares are constricted. The upper beak is significantly larger than the bottom. Any ideas?


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    It could be from dietary deficiencies, or could be congenital.
    I'd gradually file it down, a bit at a time, til it's more normal length, so he can eat better.
    You can also put a concrete block or stepping stone near the feeders and they will rub their beaks on that after eating, which will help keep them worn down. Maybe with time, and proper diet and care it will improve. If not you may have to file it down once in a while.

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