Deformed Chick feet- need advice ASAP

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    We have a chick that came out of a very small egg. He acts like our other chicks but his feet are deformed so he can't walk easily, he just flops around. He has five oddly shaped toes on each foot. On one foot they are curled under and the other they are flat, spread out but not normal. Need advice on how to fix or if I can fix. Also if there's any supplements that will help. I think he'll survive he seems fine other than that. Thanks![​IMG]

    PS one eye is pretty big and the other is big as well so I think that's a deformity, too.[​IMG]
    Thanks everyone![​IMG] Our special-needs baby chickie says thank you,too![​IMG]

    ***UPDATE*** Little Wiggles (the chick) is doing great! He's perfectly healthy exept for the feet and eyes. He's not blind, and can walk pretty good, just not as fast as the other chicks. I think he may grow out of the foot issue, and the eye issue isn't a problem. He won't be shown or bred. I still think that he needs some sort of vitamin, but I don't know which kind. I still need help with that.
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    Thank you, CMV!!! I'm going to try the chick shoe soon![​IMG]

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