Deformed Silver Spangled Hamburg rooster

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    Feb 27, 2016
    Hi all,

    I am new to the site, joined today as I am in need of some help/advice about my rooster, "Toes".

    I live across from a man who breeds chickens and birds to sell. He had informed my mum of a rooster he has had for a while that he was going to let go in a nearby paddock due to it having deformed legs and toes.

    Me being the animal lover I am wouldn't allow it, knowing that a poor defenceless rooster wouldn't stand a chance against a fox. So I brought him home.

    I placed him in a large area I had previously fenced off my my three hens (who now roam my farm). The minute his feet hit the soil for the first time in his life he was a completely different rooster. He ran around, or should I say waddled, flapping his wings before bathing in the dirt. It made me feel warm knowing I made his life better.

    Ok, you all must have had enough of the story so I'll get to my point.

    His legs are bowed and his toes curve inward, though he is still able to walk and scratch at the ground. He doesn't seem to be in pain. The only pain he experiences is tripping over a twig. Due to his special feet, he is unable to perch. This mean he can't sleep on a fallen branch like my hens do. However, he has taken a liking to sleeping cozily in a barrel filled with hay.

    My question is, am I a cruel person keeping him alive? I wouldn't never be able to kill him, but would it be best I have someone put him to rest peacefully.

    Please give me some advice or help as I have become quite attached to my little Toes.

    Thank you in advance :)



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    This deformity happens sometimes. If he gets around and is not in pain then why worry?

    I have 2 older hens that have deformed toes and they are doing just fine. No pain and lots of scratching as well as getting around well enough.

    I do not think you are being cruel for allowing him to live.
    He is knock kneed and has more of a deformity then my hens but seems in good shape.

    Here is a pic that if you blow it up you can see one of my hens feet.

    Hers are not as bad as your little mans are. I do have to keep a watch on her nails and trim as needed. So far only once. She is the Speckled Sussex. Her sibling also has this issue and is also a SS hen. They are both almost 6 now and doing well.

    I hope this sets your mind at ease.

    OH and of course

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