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    Nov 2, 2010
    I have a hen who I suspect to be broody. When I go in the run to feed and water, she slips out and goes DIRECTLY into the barn, digs her way into a half empty bag of bedding (the coop currently has no bedding as I am deworming and will fill it back up after the cycle is complete - I rake it out often during the cleanse... otherwise it's deep litter method) Anyway, she goes straight to this bag and lays an egg. The past few times her eggs have been somewhat wrinkled and misshapen, but today I got a REALLY deformed egg, almost bent with excessively piled up shell on one end, thick all around, not a thin shell at all. She hasn't slipped into the barn the last couple days and she hasn't laid any in the coop either, so I am wondering if she was holding it in until she was able to go to the barn and continue her clutch? I'm going to get her some fertile eggs to brood on in a kennel, but I just want to make sure these deformed eggs aren't being caused by anything else. I dewormed with Valbazen on the 3rd and 13th (second dose). I recall her eggs already being somewhat deformed before that though. Thanks all
  2. I dont think being broody causes deformed eggs if thats what your asking

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