Deformed toes on 3 week old Americauna

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The kids and I were playing with some of the baby chicks this morning and I noticed that the Americauna doesn't have near the grip on my hand as my Barred chicks. I examined her a little more and noticed that all of her toes on one foot are all curled up. Has anyone run into this? Is there anything I can do to fix it? Will the imparement get worse over time or bother her? She seems to do fine overall in the brooder and runs around with the other chicks just fine, but where she's already the lowest on the pecking chain in with 6 Barred chicks, I'd like her not to have any more disadvantage. (Long story on why I ended up with the lonely Americauna in case someone is wondering)
Curled toes can be genetic or an incubation/brooder issue (temperature). I have fixed severely curled toes on newly hatched chicks using tiny little bandaid boots I made for them but at 3 weeks, there likely isn't going to be anything you can do for the chick. I have also had toes that refused to straighten. The happy fact is, the curled toes likely won't impair the bird long term in any significant way.
I was just noticing on my profile picture from last week that her toes weren't that way. I can't see it beeing a brooder temperature issue as I have a thermometer in there and the Barred's are doing fine. It looks to me like maybe she fell and broke her toes? Anyways, like you say there probably isn't much I can do for her now. Thanks
I have one barred rock who has the same issue. She did not have it when we first got her, but she did seem slightly pigeon toed. She is now 13 weeks old, and her feet are quite deformed. She was in the brooder with 11 other chicks and they are all fine. She also has slight crooked beak. I think it is just genetic. She runs around, and eats and acts just like my other chickens. She is sweet as can be, and I hope that she can keep functioning normally. I don't think her feet were broken. They don't seem to have any joints where they should. The toes actually drag back when she walks. She does not seem to be in any pain at all from it.
i have a 1 year old australorp/silkie crossed rooster that has the same thing and out of the seven roosters i have hes head rooster! he tends not to perch on the rounded perches because he cant get his foot around it to secure himself so i put a flat board up for him and he loves it! that seems to be his only set back, other then that he is just like the others. good luck with your little fluffy butt!
Thanks for the responses! Glad to hear that others have chickens with toes that way and are doing fine. Were kind of attached to her as we've brought her back to health after having a severe case of pasty butt from the lady we got her from. That's why we ended up with the one odd chick; she was given to us, as I believe the lady selling them didn't think she'd live. I know nothing about chickens but could tell why she was sick and after an hour of cleaning her vent out she was a different bird by the next day. Really hate to see her suffer any more.
your welcome, i really dont think it causes them any pain. my roo doesnt act like it hurts him, he runs, scratches the ground, mounts the girls, roosts, and runs the coop. the only thing i would do special for her is to have a flat perch for her when she gets older. have fun with your babies.

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