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    I had this under Turkeys, but think I should put it here instead.

    Ok, my turkey finally hatched. Went back and recalculated the hatch date from 3 December, and took the advice of who ever suggested it and raised the humidity over the last several days. Got up this morning to check him as usual and the egg had moved. Looked around and there was a wet fuzz in the corner. Then I had to go to work. Wife said there is something wrong with it. When I got home, 10 hours later, he is having a problem standing up and has significantly deformed eyes. I’m not sure if this will get better or if it will be terminal and I’d be better off putting it down.
    Lowered the humidity and he is drying off. He can get around, but not really stand up. Not sure if that is an issue just yet, but will be a deal breaker in the next day or so. Looked and couldn’t find any information on some thing like this. Not sure if it is genetic or a result of temperature or humidity level during incubation. I think mom and dad were both healthy and would be surprised if it had anything to do with nutrition.
    I’ve been raising turkeys for several years, but this is my first go round with eggs and hatching them. Feel lucky to get the one out of 12 eggs to hatch. So what I would really like is to get feedback from some of you that do turkeys. Seen anything like this before? Right now he is alone in the incubator and is peeping up a storm. I was hoping to put him in with the chicks that hatched a few days ago, but as they are older and he seems to be rather weak and vulnerable right now, not a good idea.
    The one thing I did just think of is that both mom and dad were about 6-7 months old when the eggs were laid. Not sure if that could have had some affect on not only the fertility of the eggs (At least two were fertile) and some how the viability of the poults. And, one more thing in the back of my mind is whether I will get a repeat of this in the spring when I try to mate them again in earnest?
    Mom is a blue slate, and dad is most likely a Spanish black. Or Bourbon Red, but I think I only saw the black on her.


    I don't think he has spraddle leg. He can stand up and the legs don't spread out, instead the toes curl inwards. He has all his toes.

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