Dehydration and Emergency Care

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    I'd like to just remind everyone that the importance of hydration in emergency care cannot be overstated. In almost every way that matters, a dehydrated animal is going to fare worse in a health crisis.

    Many times, animals will stop eating and drinking when they feel poorly, and that is where the health crisis frequently tips over into something that leads to death. This is part of the reason why they can look 'fine' one day, and be down and dying the next. So, once you find a downed bird, and deal with obvious signs of injury, it is worth the time to hydrate them as soon as possible.

    Basically, if you don't know what to do, see if you can get them to drink. I've dealt with cases in cats, sheep, and chickens where that decision made the difference between them living and dying.

    This thread can be used to discuss how to rehydrate and what people have used that worked.
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    This is true, and since the birds ( or other animals) are so small, they go downhill quickly--it doesn't take them long to dehydrate.

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