Delaware-Barred Rock X Cockerel 9 Wks "Ira"--(CLOSED)/ N. Ga. Mtns

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    I have four of them and only need three for my main flock, so Ira, so named because his Delaware sire is Isaac and his Stukel Line Barred Rock mother is Ida. He was raised by a broody and I just have one too many of these. Had planned to keep him but decided on his younger brother instead.

    Free to a good home-pick up at my home near the TN-NC-GA border in Fannin County, GA.

    ~There is a Delaware over EE-with-Sumatra-heritage cross pullet (slight chance she's a Del x BBS Rock, but probably not) about a week older than Ira, sired by the same rooster, who could possibly go with him, if you need a hen for him. She is solid black, quite pretty, named Raven. Didn't exactly plan to part with her, but I need to move some birds; no idea of her temperament yet, though she seems fine, but just to be above board, her mother has aggression issues due to bad eyesight and the Sumatra influence~

    Here is Ira, with pics of mom and dad following, He was raised in the bantam coop by a broody D'Anver hen so he's just now been separated and is learning to free range with one of my BR hens and her DelaRock chicks, his siblings, as well as two older DelaRock males and a D'Anver pair. He's loving his new freedom and learning what he needs to be a good flock rooster:


    Mom, a wide load hen out of a 50 year pure heritage line, and Dad, out of heritage lines-no hatchery stock here. Ira is a plump little man.

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